Media Mogul In The Making: Meet Bri Keey

Bri Keey
WITN22Wilm reporter and media mogul in the making, Briana ‘Bri Keey’ Harris.

This week’s featured media mogul is the freelance media professional and WITN22Wilm reporter, Briana ‘Bri Keey’ Harris. Learn more about Bri’s creative journey below.

You are a multi-talented individual dipping and dapping in a bunch of other expressive fields. So, what was it about journalism or media that piqued your interest?

“I’d consider journalism and media more of a calling or passion, rather than an interest. I’m a Pisces, and if you know anything about the zodiac it’s that Pisces are extremely intuitive. I find myself able to easily connect with people on a deeper level and I think that’s helped me when reporting. I’m genuinely curious about the lives and creative processes of others, and I believe that everyone has at least one ‘book’ in them…meaning that if given the right time, place, and conversation; you can truly unveil someone’s life story. That’s what makes journalism so beautiful, and it’s by far the most interesting part of the media industry!”

How did you get your start in the media field? Did you study communications in college? Internships? Hobby writing?

“Writing had always been a favorite pastime of mine, but taking AP literature courses in high school helped guide me onto the higher education path. I studied in South Florida, and with a Multimedia Journalism degree under my (Gucci) belt, I packed my bags and fled to the Philly/DE tri-state area with only cheesesteaks and success on the brain! Within a few months of voluntary blood, sweat, and tears, I became both skilled and lucky enough to work as an editorial and on-camera journalist alongside creatives, celebrities and heavy-hitters in both the music and broadcast media industry (MyNEWPhilly, FOX29, Hot97 The New MVMT, DE Blue Coats, WITN22Wilm, The Cream Agency.)”

Tell us about your platform. What’s your mission/goals? Who’s your audience?

“On the corporate side of life, I work as Media Specialist for an Info-Tech company…but as a freelance journalist, my ‘platform’ is ever-changing, so it really keeps things interesting! My most recent work has been with WITN22Wilm, one of Delaware’s local news stations, where I act as the entertainment journalist and cover stories on everything from sports and festivals, to culture and spotlight features. I report for the community in hopes of merging the seriousness of news, with the fun of entertainment. But like I said earlier, the media industry is fast-paced so don’t be surprised if you spot a Bri Keey byline elsewhere by next season!”

So far throughout your career, what has been your proudest personal media moment?

“Being in the room with celebrities is cool and all…but if I’m being honest, my proudest personal media moment thus far has got to be when I was asked to host a #GirlBossLinkUp event. Being that I consider myself a millennial media mogul IN THE MAKING, I was completely humbled and honored to be recognized as knowledgeable enough to sit in a room across from a panel of talented, well-spoken women who in some cases, I had even looked up to. The media community had welcomed me in. It was then that I had fully understood my own potential. I was granted a “seat at the table” and I knew right then that I was hungry to succeed in this crazy media industry!”

What advice would you give aspiring mediapreneurs looking to enter the field?

“Know your worth….there are no discounts.

Find your talents, merge them with your interests, maintain focus…and then double down on yourself! Remember how much you have to offer this industry, even if others don’t.

Seek education/mentorship.

Sit with the winners; the conversation is different!

Stay humble and true to yourself.

Don’t let the often ‘dog eat dog’ mentality of the media industry misdirect you.

Have passion like Drake and drive like (the old) Kanye.

That’s self-explanatory right? Lol”

Connect with Bri Keey on Instagram to keep up with her latest work!

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