The media landscape is rapidly changing, there’s no denying that and often times freelance media figures are left in the dark. Well, not anymore! That’s where the IEMC steps in.

Flisadam Pointer, Executive Director

The Independent Entertainment Media Coalition (IEMC) is a 501 (c) (7) non-profit organization serving the freelance entertainment journalist and media figures. As a member-driven focused network, our members span across mediums including broadcast, audio, print, and digital.

The mission of the IEMC is to share vital financial professional resources, maintain a financial support fund for platform expansion, assist members with career advancement opportunities, create networking opportunities for content curators and mentor aspiring journalists looking to enter the field after graduation.

“I’ve spent years as a journalist covering the underground music scene and the road as a freelancer is tough. Resources are scarce and you quickly find that even with the intense training of higher education you aren’t truly prepared until you are in the field,” says executive director, Flisadam Pointer when speaks on the founding on the IEMC.

The 2019-2020 Independent Entertainment Media Coalition’s Advisory Board includes:

Deja L. Jones
Education and Outreach

Deja L. Jones is a former journalist turned author, activist, and above all educator. Jones’ passion for storytelling led her to found, empowerment organization, Curate Your Life. Through Curate Your Life, Jones has had the opportunity to partner with the City of Newark, work with programs such as The Future Project, the YMCA, The Boys & Girls Club and more.

Jonathan Ramsey

Jonathan Ramsey is the founder and editor-in-chief of the New Jersey-based platform, What’s The Movement. The platform’s purpose is to promote the discovery of music, art, culture and more. Passionate storyteller, Ramsey, has professionally explored all forms of content production which includes as the host of podcasts On The Ave + A Side B Side as well as live event programming.

Kiara Wilson

Kiara Wilson, more popularly known by the professional alias, Kierra Leone, Wilson is the co-founder of Hip-Hop Retreat Week. Hip-Hop Retreat Week (HHRW) is a five-day-long conference and festival of workshops, panels and networking events for entertainment media professionals. When she’s not busy curating for HHRW, Wilson works as a publicist for New York City and the surrounding areas’ rising talent.

Flisadam Pointer
Executive Director

Flisadam (fah-la-sah-daam) Pointer wears many professional hats ranging from social media management, marketing consultant, adjunct professor but she’s most known as the editor-in-chief of ENVERT. Pointer’s goal is to help shape the way in which the media coverages unsigned and independent entertainers. As the executive director,  Pointer looks to empower the media figure covering these creatives.