Media Mogul In The Making: Meet Anthony Barley

Anthony Barley, co-host of Satyourday Radio. Image courtesy of Barley.

From economic student to emerging media mogul, meet this week’s superstar Anthony Barley. Barley is one of the breakout voices on the podcast, Satyourday Radio. Get to know Barley and learn more about Satyourday Radio below.

You are a multi-talented individual dipping and dapping in a bunch of other expressive fields. So, what was it about journalism or media that piqued your interest?

“Storytelling – I’ve always been interested in story-driven content. If your story is not known then you’re not trusted. If you’re not trusted you can’t change the culture.”

How did you get your start in the media field? Did you study communications in college? Internships? Hobby writing?

“I’ve had an unorthodox start. I’ve always followed media outlets such as Illroots, Hypebeast, THE BRILLIANCE!, and The Madbury Club. These blogs served as my formative training in the media world. I studied Economics in college. The knowledge I gained helped in understanding behavior and decision-making skills. I apply Economics in my life every day. I’ve had many internships but the most applicable to my journey in the creative industry was interning at Been Trill. I got the opportunity from Matthew Williams, at the time he was keen that I wanted to gain experience. There I worked on some apparel stuff, designs that never saw the light of day lol, and many other moving bits and pieces. With an internship like that, you’ll be able to float and get a feel for every department and have a holistic view of what you’re interested in.”

Tell us about your platform. What’s your mission/goals? Who’s your audience?

“Satyourday Radio is a podcast. We share stories from creators, artists, and innovators on Saturday mornings. Our guests vary on the spectrum from people that are prolific in their field and people we believe deserve recognition. We’ve recently launched our ‘Vinyl Room Sessions’ which is an intimate performance for artists to freely express themselves and showcase their true talent in a live performance setting. At our core, we’re a podcast but shaping into a bigger picture, a media company. We also DJ as a collective, 2019 we had an ongoing DJ residency at Burger Walla, DJ’d in Japan and London. We plan to carry the momentum and energy around the world! Satyourday Radio hopes to inspire and enlighten people who are in the same field of art, music, and innovation as us.”

So far throughout your career, what has been your proudest personal media moment?

“My proudest moment so far has been being able to record a podcast with Tom Sachs and film an exclusive studio tour in New York. I personally look up to him and his work — Highly suggest everyone checking it out.”

What advice would you give aspiring mediapreneurs looking to enter the field?

“Stay consistent and persistent! Keep everything you do genuine! Don’t lose sight of why you started in the first place! It’s always your say at the end of the day.”

Connect with Anthony Barley on Instagram and listen to Satyourday Radio podcast!

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