Media Mogul In The Making: Meet Ashley Scarboro

Ashley Scarboro
Founder and Publisher of Modern Stitches Magazine, Ashley Scarboro.

This week’s featured media mogul is the founder and publisher of Modern Stitches Magazine, Ashley Scarboro. Learn more about Ashley’s creative journey below.

You are a multi-talented individual dipping and dapping in a bunch of other expressive fields. So, what was it about journalism or media that piqued your interest?

“I’d like to say that journalism found me! I’ve always loved fashion in all capacities, but it wasn’t until my junior year of undergraduate school [where I was a sociology student at the time] that I realized that number 1, I had been decorating my walls each year with magazine ads and number 2, I was naturally a talented writer.

It was in that moment I decided to graduate and further pursue my graduate degree in publishing with a focus on magazine editing. During that time, I interned at Vibe Magazine and developed my own digital magazine at the same time. The rest is history now.”

How did you get your start in the media field? Did you study communications in college? Internships? Hobby writing?

“I kind of dove headfirst into media. Once I entered graduate school, I learned more than just journalism and the fundamentals of running an amazing magazine. I made priceless connections and interned as much as possible. As previously mentioned, I interned at Vibe Magazine several times per week. I also volunteered as a Production Assistant for Mercedes Fashion Week for five seasons, and through consistencies with the magazine, other media opportunities appeared. Modern Stitches became an official media partner of NYFW in 2017, styled and conducted several fashion tv news segments, and even covered Black Girls Rock! I never studied communications, a simple network and follow up can take you places you wouldn’t believe!”

Tell us about your platform. What’s your mission/goals? Who’s your audience?

“For the past seven years, I have been the Founder and Publisher of Modern Stitches Magazine. It is a digital streetwear and vintage publication where we strive to celebrate individualism, highlight fashionable content and is a blueprint to all things sustainable. We have several thousand visitors who visit our website monthly and that usually consists of fashion enthusiasts, mostly women and those looking to find locations to shop vintage in their local areas.”

So far throughout your career, what has been your proudest personal media moment?

“Every opportunity I receive is a proud moment because they aren’t given to everyone! However, if I have to chose it would most definitely be the release of our very first print issue in 2017. The Vintage Rebellion Issue. Holding those copies of what was once just a figment of my imagination showed me that truly, anything is possible.”

What advice would you give aspiring mediapreneurs looking to enter the field?

“Some great advice I would give to those interested would be to be consistent, persistent, but considerate. This can be a tough field to navigate and I’ve received a ton of no’s, but understand that there are yes’s on the way! I always say, make sure to humanize everyone. Sure you may run into or work with celebrities but they’re no better than you. They have a schedule and so do you so use your time and their time wisely. Always Always Always show up and do your best and everything else will fall into place!” 

Connect with Ashley Scarboro on Instagram! Stay connected with Modern Stitches Magazine across social media on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. To purchase Modern Stitches Magazine’s latest issue click HERE.

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