Media Mogul In The Making: Meet Y.Jones

Image courtesy of Y.Jones. Photo credit belongs to Spontaneous Inc.

“New media and mobile entertainment are revolutionizing the way people learn about the world.”

In our ongoing mission to uplift the freelance media community, we will begin spotlighting the amazing freelance media figures and personalities making a splash in the new age media space.

Our first media mogul spotlight feature of the year is Y.Jones, the creator, and star of video music count down show, Jones Jams.

Jones is setting YouTube ablaze while featuring the biggest underground Hip-Hop stars. Well enough of us speaking on her behalf, get to know Y.Jones in her own words below!

Tell me a bit about yourself and your media journey thus far? How did you get started?

“My name is Y.Jones, I’m a young passionate music fanatic from a small town, New Haven, Connecticut. I started my company in 2015 because I saw there was a need for content development specifically for independent artists.”

The traditional role of a journalist is changing with the rise of digital storytelling platforms such as YouTube and more. How would describe your style of storytelling as a media figure?

My storytelling is simply through my dedication to carving my own way. Forget the mic and 21 traditional questions… ‘where you from? And where can we find your music?’ I want to know, how many times have you failed and what are your struggles. Everyone praises success but forget to talk about the building blocks. My storytelling educates those watching and listening who may idolize the fame but makes you think twice if you have the heart and drive to pursue it.”

You are now approaching episode three of Jones Jams but let’s first touch on the inspiration behind the show?

First and foremost, I’m inspired by music hands down!  But a lot of independent artists that are out here really applying pressure are creating amazing visuals for their music and I felt like it was overlooked and I wanted to create a lane specifically just for that highlighting the artists.”

Who do you work with?

I work with my incredible director Chase amazing and brilliant cinematographer who took my ideas and literally turned them into gold.

How did you come up with the idea?

I used to love 106 & Park and that show was beyond unique it was a big part of my television craze I wanted to bring that energy back.”

What can viewers expect next from Jones Jams?

They can expect a 20/20 view so keep it locked (I can’t give away all my secrets). Do more, say less is how I live.”

What can people expect next from you as a storyteller?

They can expect an Instagram series my team and I are hitting the cities in which these artists are from I’m highlighting on my show a more personal close up.”

How can artists looking to submit their work contact the show?

Artists can contact Press kits! Press kits! Press kits! I can’t scream that enough. Or submit the music video, contact information, 2-4 professional pictures, and a mini-bio.”

For those interested in working with you, how can you be contacted?

I can be contacted on social media @iamyjones or by simply emailing”

Connect with Y.Jones on Instagram and YouTube!

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