The mission of the IEMC is to share vital financial professional resources, maintain a financial support fund for platform expansion, strengthen the coverage of underground entertainers, and assist members with career advancement opportunities, create networking opportunities for content curators and mentor aspiring journalists looking to enter the field after graduation.

Affiliate Program

The IEMC Affiliate Program is a referrral program for photographers, videographers, graphics designers and more to professionally connect with IEMC members for the sole purpose of producing high quality photo and video content. This program allows members to partner with these content curators at a discounted rate. The program helps the content curators by increasing their cliente and creative vision.

The Affiliate Program is an invaluable asset to members. The program features locally seasoned photographers, videographers, and graphic designers who are also avid supporters of the underground entertainment community.  Affiliates offer special discounted rates for a wide range of services including but not limited to performance photography, interview filming, logo creation, high-resolution audio recording, professional headshots and more. Before admittance to the program, all affiliates’ work is carefully screened for quality assurance purposes.

To apply for entry in to the IEMC Affiliate Program, click HERE.

IEMC Grant Fund

The Independent Entertainment Media Coalition Grant Fund is the only community funding effort of its kind for independent media figures and personalities. The grant is a need-based application where members can apply for financial reimbursement for media-related expenses. During the application process, members will outline the expense and reason for the expense. A board will review the application rewarding a percentage of the amount asked.

The maximum reimbursement percent is 50% or half of the media related expense. Only for extenuating circumstances, may the board grant over 50% for reimbursement. Examples of items covered include software, camera/video camera accessories and more. Grants are distributed on a first-come-first-serve basis. Fund availability is based directly on active member dues.

Budding Blogger Scholarship Fund

The IEMC Budding Blogger Scholarship Fund is for aspiring journalists looking to enter the field of entertainment news reporting upon graduation. The annual fund will be awarded to two graduating high school seniors that will either enroll in higher education with the intention to majoring in communication or entering the media workforce immediately after graduation.


  1. Graduating high school senior,
  2. Enrolled in higher education or accepted a job in the field of media,
  3. 500 word essay,
  4. and must be a resident of New Jersey.

The application will open yearly in January and will close in April. Awardees will be notified in May.